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Home Integration or Structured Cabling is the installation of electronic technology incorporated within the walls of a home. The simplest example of this would be a computer network where individual rooms have computer access points mounted in the walls. This provides local and Internet access to those family members with computers. This could also include distributed audio with speakers mounted in the walls or ceilings. The music sources and amplifiers are located away from view, normally centrally positioned in a purpose built location. This concept extends to cover areas such as telephone, data and video signal cabling individually installed to supply services to each room.

Home Automation is the use of computerized system/s to control some or all of a home's functions and features automatically. This includes all of the features that go to make an Integrated Home but adds a level of interactivity not obtainable without making individual systems work together seamlessly. A fully automated house is a building that can adjust its environment without imposing itself on the occupants. It can adjust the levels of lighting, temperature, and security in response to external stimulus Semi-intelligent appliances have been with us for a long time, we have become accustomed to having the hot water temperature maintained by the hot water cylinder and have the refrigerator maintain the temperature for storing food.

Examples of what can be achieved

The options for home and commercial automation are virtually unlimited; the hard part can be deciding where to start. The basic things to remember is that these systems will all need to be wired together at some stage. The best time to achieve this is when the building is being built or completely renovated. Existing buildings can have this type of installation but the cost of the installation is much greater due to the difficulties of gaining access to the walls and ceiling space.

1 Touch provides solutions for clients wanting the latest technologies installed at work and at home, from initial consultation and system design to supply - installation and commissioning.

We deliver integrated solutions for electronic systems such as Structured Cabling, Security & Access Control, Intelligent Lighting, MATV & Home Theatre, Computer Networks and Internet Access, to service both domestic and commercial clientele.

There is a revolution happening right now in your home and you need to be part of the action

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